Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Mid-season Top-300

With the all-star break rapidly approaching and fantasy trade deadlines just a few weeks out, we’ve gone ahead and updated our Top-300 rankings. There’s been quite a bit of movement over the first three months of the season, but Mike Trout remains at the top of our list. Adam Jones and Paul Goldschmidt are a couple of the biggest risers over the first half of 2013 with both not only backing up their solid performances from last year, but making improvements across the board. Yasiel Puig represents one of the toughest commodities to rank as hes simply shredding major league pitching so far this season. We have to believe that some sort of adjustment period is coming, but he slides right into the back end of our overall top-40.

On the pitching side of things, Max Scherzer has kept his success from the second half of 2012 rolling and has the look of a legit Cy Young contender this season. He makes made his way into our top-tier of starting pitchers and is a top-30 option in the overall list.

Overall, these ranks can be a value guide of sorts when considering the trade market, but the deeper we get into the season, the more team needs  will factor into the moves you need to make. Particularly in roto leagues it’s imperative to balance out your categories and identify areas of excess and those in which you can gain the most points. In head-to-head formats it’s time to start focusing on your end-game strategy. If you are in the middle of the pack, grabbing some of the high-risk/high-reward players may be your best option while those who have a playoff spot locked up should focus on September, the only month that matters. Whether that means selling off younger pitchers with potential workload concerns or grabbing currently injured weapons, the time is now to start prepping for that post-season run.

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