2024 Fantasy Baseball Top 300 Rankings

Posted By: on March 20, 2024

It’s here, it’s here! Well, if you wake up before the sun and ignore your sleeping family to throw on the TV at 6 am baseball is finally here. It’s real baseball, and it’s glorious. We’re also head down in draft season so thought it be about time to put a list out there. This is what I’m drafting with in a 5×5 league, adjust as necessary, or don’t… it’s your team.


Opening Day 2023 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

Posted By: on March 29, 2023

Well draft season came and went and well, the rankings were still gelling right up until that last moment at the draft table.

So anyway it may be too little to late, or maybe this is just what you needed.


Phils in Five: Episode 94 – The End

Posted By: on November 7, 2022

Well if you told me I would spend a 75 degree evening watching the Phillies bullpen blow a game, I would expect it to be a fine way to spend a night in May, but we’re doing this in NOVEMBER? Thats right, the Phillies brought us full circle with a vintage choke job to turn a one run lead into a 4-1 loss handing the World Series Championship to the Houston Astros as the Phillies drop another winnable game. The losingest franchise in the history of mankind may not have piled up the MOST losses in 2022, but they did manage to earn the last loss of 2022. One more sad trombone before we go.

In this Episode:

  • Wheeler rested and ready
  • Yordan’s Joe Carter moment
  • Thanks Phillies

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Phils in Five: Epsiode 93 – Backs Against the Wall

Posted By: on November 4, 2022

Wednesday night the Phillies couldn’t get a hit and Thursday they simply failed to get the big hit. It all adds up to two straight losses in the final two games at Citizens Bank Park and a 3-2 World Series deficit. We’ll hit the Sad Trombone for a rough couple of nights down in South Philly, BUT I am still confident it’s gonna be the last one we hit all year… Whom Whomp Whomp!

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Phils in Five: Episode 92 – Phils Slug Five

Posted By: on November 2, 2022

We had to wait an extra 24 hours but a home run derby broke out at Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday night, the Phillies blasted a world series record five home runs with Bryce Harper setting the place on first in the first. Ranger was solid and the Phillies cruised to a 7-0 shutout of the Astros to take Game 3 of the series and grab a 2-1 lead overall. Let’s Ring The Bell!

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Phils in Five: Episode 90 – World Series Preview

Posted By: on October 28, 2022

I don’t know about all you but I remain it absolute and utter shock. The Fightin Phils will take the field in Houston this evening as National League Champions to chase their first title since 2008 and third all time. It’s time to GET PUMPED Philadelphia and well Ring the Bell to kick off a great weekend of baseball!

In this Episode:

  • How did we get here?
  • Nola gets the nod in Game 1

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We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bell

Posted By: on October 24, 2022

THE PHILLIES ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES… With a three game sweep of the Padres in citizens bank park the Phils wrapped up the National League pennant – Just an unreal weekend of baseball with some gutty pitching performance and bunches of huge hits in front of the home crowd. Let’s RING THE BELL!

In this Episode:

  • Rhys’ goes yard, again and again and again
  • Bryce’s Signature moment

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Phils in Five: Episode 88 – Back at the Bank

Posted By: on October 21, 2022

Wednesday brought another scorching start for the Phillies who surged to a 4-0 early lead in game 2 of the NLCS but Aaron Nola and the bullpen simply were not good enough to get a win.. We’re headed home all tied up at 1-1 after an 8-5 loss.

In this Episode:

  • Game 2 Recap
  • Ranger vs. Clevinger
  • Weekend probables

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Phils in Five: Episode 87 – The Phillies Strike First

Posted By: on October 19, 2022

Zack and Bryce did their thing, Schwarbs crushed the crap out of a baseball and the Phillies surged to a 1-0 lead in the NLCS over the Padres, so let’s ring the bell!

In this Episode:

  • Wheeler dominates
  • Schwarber’s big blast
  • Time to avenge Harper’s broken thumb vs. Blake Snell

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Phils in Five: Episode 86 – The Bat Spike Heard Round the World

Posted By: on October 17, 2022

WE ARE STILL HERE. The Phillies came home and dominated with a rowdy home crowd, an all time classic home run celebration and a ticket to San Diego to show down with the Padres in the NLCS. The Mets are gone the Braves are gone, let’s RING THE BELL for the true NL East champions as we head to the NLCS.

In this Episode:

  • CBP on fire
  • How dangerous is this team?
  • NLCS Preview

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