Fantasy Baseball 2019 Rankings: Shortstop

Trea Turner slides in at the top of the shortstop position, as he’s the most valuable speed option in the fantasy baseball landscape in 2019. Meanwhile, Francisco Lindor’s stock slips just a bit with his early-spring calf injury while Manny Machado and Trevor Story make for rock solid picks in the late second round. Carlos Correa and Corey Seager offer immense upside if you’re willing to shake off the disappointment of last season and and embrace a little bit of injury risk. As it stands, we don’t mind leaving the draft table with any of the top-12 option at the position, leaving potential owners the opportunity to wait a bit and let the best player come to you at the right time.

Studs (ADP): Trea Turner (11), Manny Machado (14), Trevor Story (24)

Targets: Carlos Correa (45), Xander Bogaerts (48), Jean Segura (61), Corey Seager (79)

Overpriced: Francisco Lindor (8), Javier Baez (16)

2019 Tiered Shortstop Rankings

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