Phils in Five: Episode 94 – The End

Well if you told me I would spend a 75 degree evening watching the Phillies bullpen blow a game, I would expect it to be a fine way to spend a night in May, but we’re doing this in NOVEMBER? Thats right, the Phillies brought us full circle with a vintage choke job to turn a one run lead into a 4-1 loss handing the World Series Championship to the Houston Astros as the Phillies drop another winnable game. The losingest franchise in the history of mankind may not have piled up the MOST losses in 2022, but they did manage to earn the last loss of 2022. One more sad trombone before we go.

In this Episode:

  • Wheeler rested and ready
  • Yordan’s Joe Carter moment
  • Thanks Phillies

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